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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bayu @ Pandan Jaya condo

My friend ask us whether can invest in Bayu @ Pandan Jaya condo. The project is near Pandan Jaya LRT.

Some complain that traffic there is bad, especially when reach kampung pandan roundabout. But some said the location is good, can easily access to mrr2, kg pandan roundabout, desa pandan going to jan tun razak, access to pgrm via shamerlin, jusco maluri jalan cheras.

Some complain too near LRT, noisy. But some said convenient because near LRT. Very easy to rent out.


Distance to KL city is near.

The layout and design look luxury. But some complain it is surrounded by low cost or medium cost apartments. Some said it is the only nice condo in pandan jaya.

I think is abiut 1050sf square feet, price starting rm450+. Many said expensive, but some said with the current property price trend, the price is normal.

The demand is quite good and selling fast.


  1. I went personally at the site (sales office) last Saturday. The starting price is RM464K to RM520K for 1050 sq feet.

    To me, it is very expensive. When I got to the sales office, there was no floor plan and had orange stickers paste on the units - sold out.

    Now... I dont believe the units are sold out. Normally, it is a strategy to gauge peoples attention and the rush for real buyers to quickly buy a unit. Who knows if the developer has done the pasting of the stickers and claimed sold out. Also, it is subject to the bank approval for the loan. Surrounding area is medium and low cost. The stretch is too long (not wide) and very near to the lrt track.

    I stay at Axis Residence and my place is 1000sq which is worth RM450k (max) and it's ready to stay.

    Why pay so much for Bayu (over priced) and wait for 3 years for the project to complete? When I stay, it is noisy as I can still hear the lrt passing by....

    Not really worth the buy for Bayu - in Ampang, most housing areas are leasing hold.... I might as well invest the RM464k for a bigger condo at Mount Kiara.

    My two cents thots!

    1. Mount Kiara = High Risk High Return....
      Bayu Pandan jaya = Low Risk Potential High Return...
      Which do u prefer... my dua sen also...

  2. bayu 's biggest pro is its location within walking distance to LRT and proximity to central KL..with KL's traffic getting from bad to worse, the closeness to LRT is its biggest selling point

  3. It's quite a strategic location, plus points being near to KL, and access to LRT within 5 minutes walk.

    The roads are being renovated thus traffic will be eased more. Ikea 2 might even make it's debut there.

    Surrounding new properties have a higher starting price point. Sunway Velocity nearby starts @ 900k.

  4. It is low density in Bayu Pandan Jaya. So, they don't have much competition in term of renting out in the future and it is near KL downtown, cause no condominium in the neighborhood. If you choose to buy it in Mt Kiara, when the economic crash, it will definitely hard to rent it out to locals or expats because the area is too dense with condominiums. People have more choices!!

  5. 1. the location is superb. 2. Walking distance to LRT station. Future just another stop to sunway velocity. 3. Low density.

    About the noise, everywhere is noisy. those facing jln ampang mainroad or seremban highway condo also have endless noise from ongoing traffic all the time. Just put up triple glazed shound proof window. Think not too bad becos all units facing flat instead of lrt track.

    1. No doubt location is good. BTW how noisy the LRT can be ? Some are less concerned about noise though.

    2. Last heard only 10 units block A is available while block B left 1 at the very top floor. Block C fully sold out of which is the cheapest compared to B and A reason being further away to LRT.

    3. I Pass by the area almost every week... Block C construction already reach level 2... Its fast progressing....

  6. Another good point by LRT still cheaper fare and nearer to downtown compared to AXIS condo as both also near LRT tracks.

    Price is reasonable compared to Batu 9, You Vista Residence.

  7. 2 units still unsold. 1 in block C, 1 in block A, corner and highest floor and most pricy compared to other sold out unit. Reason was loan reject.

    Progessing very fast .. block A already reaching 3rd floor.. block C reaching 6 floor can be seen from mrr highway.

  8. Any more units left unsold? No bumi allocated lots? Or the developer has converted them already?

  9. My friend told me still got. U may check with the developer.




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