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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Perisai Can Buy now? With Perisai share price target research analysis fair value RM1.53

No time, real quick.Current market price is RM0.92

Based on Perisai share price of RM0.90 and using PEGGY Method:

PE ratio: 19.77x (2011 Dec) and forecast 8.17 (2012 Dec).
Growth 168% (2012), 5% (2013), 2% (2014)
Gearing: 166%
Perisai Dividend yield 0%.
From CIMB forecast.

Based on the above, Perisai PE ratio is not expensive. Growth ok, but 2013 and 2014 is not high. I was thinking 2012 growth is so high, then play Perisai stock for 2012 and make money, then stop playing after 2012.

To my surprise !!!!!!   Look at what CIMB said, we have the same thinking. Hahahaha . . . . ..

CIMB said: What You Should Do
Accumulate the stock aggressively ahead of the release of 2Q results on 15 Aug. YTD, the share price has risen 21% and thumped the FBM KLCI by 14%. Despite this, on our numbers the stock still offers the most share price upside and the cheapest FY12-13 P/Es of 7-9x in our oil & gas portfolio. Its
three-year EPS CAGR of 96.5% is the highest in the sector and 5x the sector average of 19.3%.

Perisai fair value is RM1.53 by CIMB, RM1.20 by HwangDBS, RM1.30 by TA Securities.

Please take note that Perisai gearing is not low and no dividend.
With so many brokers recommended buy, I think they are the expert. Up to individuals to decide.

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