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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Astro IPO Balloting Result Table

Astro IPO Result in Bursa Malaysia under Astro stock code:

Astro IPO Bumiputra Portion:
Applied 1,000-1,900 Astro shares, chances 56.17%, get 1,000 shares
Applied 11,000-19,900 Astro shares, chances 61.70%, get 8,000 shares
Applied 100,000-199,900 Astro shares, chances 64.06%, get 19,000 shares

Astro IPO Public Portion:
Applied 1,000-1,900 Astro shares, chances 16.14%, get 1,000 shares
Applied 11,000-19,900 Astro shares, chances 21.43%, get 8,000 shares
Applied 100,000-199,900 Astro shares, chances 24.53%, get 19,000 shares

From above, the chances are higher than IHH but the shares allocated for succesful applicant are less than IHH. Maybe before this many complained very difficult to get.

The Final Institutional price is RM3.00 and the Astro Final Retail Price is RM3.00 =====
How about Astro Blue Form IPO result. I didn't manage to find the Astro Blue Form IPO result but I saw a statement saying the shares that were made available for application by eligible residential and commercial pay-TV subscribers and eligible retailers, vendors and installers that were not subscribed for, have been made available for application by investors under the Public Retail Offering.

If I am not wrong, based on the above, the Astro blue form is undersubscribed and the excess were put in the public IPO. 

Updated 5/1012:  Blue form undersubscribed

Astro Stock Name.

MIH is pleased to announce that the Astro Malaysia's initial public offering ("IPO") to the Malaysian public ("Public Retail Offering"), comprising 103,946,000 new Shares in Astro Malaysia ("Issue Shares") has been oversubscribed and balloting of successful applications was conducted this afternoon.

A total of 57,259 applications for 735,933,300 Issue Shares were received from the Malaysian public for a total of 103,946,000 Issue Shares available under the Public Retail Offering, representing an oversubscription rate of 6.08 times.

A Notice of Allotment for the Shares will be mailed to each successful applicants, at the address last maintained with Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn. Bhd., at such successful applicant's own risk, on or before October 18, 2012.

Source: Bursa, MIH


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