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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stock to buy in 2013

This is probably the last post of the year. Undecided what to post but there is one thing keep replaying in my mine, that is, what stock to buy in 2013.

Currently I don't have any preferred stock to buy. Most stocks lack convincing growth story. Those with good reason to buy, the stock prices have gone up.

This is the same scenario happened to me in early 2012. But not to worry, there will be stocks that come along throughout the year.

Currently still don't know what stock to buy. If still unable to find any, probably will accumulate more from what I'm holding. If you have any good stocks, please share with me, especially stocks with low PE ratio, strong growth for the next few years, very little or no borrowing and good dividend yield.

I don't think the last trading day of the year will make any major impact to my fund performance of the year. From what I estimate, year 2012 I still outperform the KLCI by good margin, although I made few wrong decisions. Hopefully can still outperform KLCI in 2013, especially don't know what stock to buy yet, General Election in first of of the year and US Debt Ceiling meeting in March 2013. Very challenging.

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!

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  1. Hi, keep up the good work. Will be waiting for your next update on which stocks to pick should there be a weakness in the market.

    Wishing you blessed 2013!

  2. MKH is a great stock to accumulate.
    Even with Bonus share issues, EPS almost doubled yoy. Recent sell down after right issue makes the share more attractive. 14,000 ha Palm oil plantation will be contributing positively going foward and current low CPO is a great buying opportunity.
    I expect EPS to grow to 40 sen within next 3 years.

  3. How about EAH counter !

  4. EAH counters is very match with your investment requirement ..... low PE ratio , no borrowing and good growing for future ......




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