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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Stock Market similar to direct selling?

Let me explain direct selling or multi level marketing (MLM), then I will explain why stock market is MLM.

We can see many successful MLM agents, earning lot of money and driving big cars. Many also have joined MLM. But I noticed that the percentage of successful agents are very low. Many, really many of my friends have joined MLM and only a few are successful. Most are not successful and quit. They then joined another MLM and quit again.

I'm not saying MLM is bad, MLM can make a lot of money and be our own boss without coming out with huge capital. I'm just saying I noticed it, in reality among my friends, it is not easy.
In stock market, many are successful. They study the trend, texhnical analysis chart, profit margin, cashflow, industries, economy, PE ratio, forecast, the product, the management, the shareholders, have insider news, tips, dividend, etc etc etc.

But we, as a ordinary investors, we lack time, experience, skill and knowledge. I'm not saying that you cannot do it, I'm just saying from what I noticed, many people fail in stock market even they have tried reading and learning the methods. That is why I say stock market is like direct selling (MLM).

The method that I use is very simple. PEGGY Method and Dollar Cost Averaging. Take out some most recent research reports, look at the PE ratio, growth, gearing, and dividend yield.
If I don't know, can just ask remisier few questions as shown in my PEGGY Method articles.
Conclusion. If you are making super profit, continue. I'm unable to make super profit, but above average profit by using simple method.

More information on PEGGY Method, here.

More information on Dollar Cost Averaging, here.

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  1. in bursa u cannot make a lot by studying cos bursa stocks no follow fundamentals.bursa stocks are manipulative and insider trading only can make money.maybe u buy a few lots can make a bit but after u become greedy all your money gone.they just let a bit small fry make so can be like advertisement for others to buy later,when many go and buy all get caught.just like genneva gold.all crooks in bursa remember that.if u think about fundamentals better avoid bursa

  2. bursa not similar to MLM but similar with genneva gold or magnum,toto and pmp.this is malaysia the crook country,please wake up

  3. can anyone give an answer to this question? how to make big bucks in a minipulative market?

  4. can anyone answer this question? how to make big bucks in a manipulative market?




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