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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Fund Performance up 14.2% (vs KLCI up 6.9%)

From Jan 2012 to Sep 2012, my Fund up 14.2% (without adding the 1.5% and 3% ++fee). If I adjust for that, will be higher. KLCI in the same period up 6.9%.

My Fund Performance
2010       35.9%
2011       27.3%
2012 until to Sep     14.2%


2010            19.3%
2011            0.75%
2012 uuntil Sep     6.9%

But I have to admit that in September 2012, my fund actually performed far worse than KLCI. Negative return.


1)I made major adjustment to my portfolio. The sale value is about half of my portfolio value. Adding the buy value is 100%. Brokerage for buy and sell, estimated brought down my portfolio by 1%.

2)My portfolio adjustment was done in September 2012, but suddenly the market was very volatile in September 2012, crashed and rebounded. For me to sell and then buy at that time, I was not able to wait, and my prices were sometimes few bids different. That may have brought down an estimated 0.8% of my portfolio.

3)Really don’t know what happened to me. Bought the shares didn’t really move up. Didn’t buy but it went up. Sold, it went up. Don’t know how to estimate. Probable brought down two percent of my portfolio. Really don’t know.


For the first eight month of the year 2012, I was doing well. Although with the above poor judgments for September, for 9 months period still up 14.2%, better than KLCI 6.9%.


I guess mistakes or poor decisions are part of investment, but as long as the underlying principles and strategies are effective, over medium to long term should be able to perform well.


For information, I’m using PEGGY Method to select stocks and Dollar Cost Average on buying.

More information on my Fund Performance, here.

More information on PEGGY Method, here.

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