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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hua Yang, Boilerm, Unimech stock

Hua Yang stock

Got some of the research reports, still can hold.

PE ratio is moderate low.

Both TA Securities and Kenanga said got growth.

Gearing low.

Hua Yang dividend yield, 4 to 5%.

Hua Yang target price is RM3.96 (TA) and RM3.52 (Kenanga) with Buy recommendation. This is something that I don’t like. Before this, Hua Yang target price is RM2.10 to RM2.20 only, now suddenly shoot up so high. The reason is because analysts changed some valuation method and discount. What if people sold at RM2.50 (well above the previous target price), and after selling, the target price now is almost RM4.00. What should he do? Buy back at RM3.00? Tough.

I will hold on this, because still got growth with reasonable dividend yield. But will not buy more because I already have and the PE ratio also not very cheap. May buy if the price drop, but at this moment, I hold first.

Boilermech stock.

The result is good. There is a change in the financial year month, so when you look at the result is quite confusing. I hope I interpret the result correctly.


RHB said result good, with Boilerm target price of RM1.70


PE not very cheap, but growth still strong.

Boilerm dividend yield low.

I hold on to this to ride on the growth, with higher fair value by RHB now.



Unimech stock result not so good, growth flat. But management said in the report they are confident of positive result this year.

Rights ICUS issue with free warrant have been proposed.

Unimech dividend yield 3.3% (RM0.06) ex date 03/07/2013.

Wait for the analyst’s research report first before deciding what to do. If not, will hold for the time being. Hope the management achieve what they said.


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  1. Boilermech reported impressive results. But is it sustainable?

  2. According to research report, now still strong. Another 3 months later will analyse again.




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