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Saturday, August 3, 2013

How I Made another Stock 100% Gain - Boilermech 13 months

Bought Boilerm RM0.78, and if Boilerm reach RM1.56, made 100%. Few weeks ago Boilerm share price closed above RM1.56. Total 13 months. Today closed at RM1.59.  Also, not to forget the dividend that I have received, although not much.

Past few years, here are the stocks that made at least 100%.

Huayang      400%
Freight       200%
Evergreen 200%
TSH          100%
Genting Singapore   200%
Adventa      100%
QL      100%
Bonia     100%
P&O     100%
Scientx 100%
Boilermech  100%

Not necessary made 100% is better. Maybe one stock we make 50% this year and sold, then bought another stock and made 50% the following year and sold. These two stocks will not appear in the list, but if combine still make 100% in two years which is very good, much better than if make 100% in 3 years time

If you have been reading my blog, you will know how I am able to achieve this, that is through a very simple fundamental investing called PEGGY Method, together with timing method called Dollar Cost Averaging. Once again, I will not elaborate more, because most readers are very bored with my strategy. Same old strategy but successful.

Previously stock selection was not that good, miss opportunity to buy because keep waiting price drop and sell too early.

Now, if you have read my blog, you will know that the strategy works.

If you have been following my blog, you will know how I invest and how my stocks prices have appreciated. If the price have gone up, you may notice that I may buy more if it is still good.

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For stocks that I have made more than 100%, here.


For more info on Boilermech, here.

More information on PEGGY Method, here.

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  1. in malaysia if u buy a lot and didn't sell it won't go up 100%.only after u sell it will.i hold saag for 5 years and sold off lost a lot.after sold off in 2008 at 0.75,it went up till RM 10.i have sold about 100 counters that went up more than 100%.hold on will never go up so much.i think you only buy a few lots.u try buy a lot and see. all manipulating in bursa

  2. can you pls put up yr post when you buy new stock in the future and the enter price. Thks.

    1. I have already started that few months ago.

    2. Just to clarify, you wld mention it in your blog or facebook when you buy new stock?

    3. Blog and facebook. If no time, will post in facebook first.

  3. Hi Peggy,

    I would like to know criteria you use when to sell your stocks.
    Do you sell when it reaches 100% gains? Or do you still hold?
    Or do you sell when it's fundamentals are no longer so good?
    What are your tips?


  4. Hi, selling i will not based on %.
    It is based on fundanmental, if no good or the price has shoot up too high, then i sell.

    Look at public bank.
    The price increased from 30 years ago. If we sell if we make, then no one should buy public bank for the past 29 years.

  5. in msia if u buy a bit can think of fundamentals,if u buy a lot don't ever dream

  6. Anonymous, what do you mean?


    If let's say you bought a share with a very nice PE ratio and you continue investing into it for many years. After come time, the PE ratio of that counter becomes 20-30, what do you do?


    1. When the time i buy, PE ratio very nice. After few years price increase, but if the profit also increase, the PE ratio also will be about the same.

      But if profit drop or price up too much, PE ratio 20-30, probably will sell. But if forecast say next few year got high growth and PE ratio may drop soon, may hold.

  7. novamsc TP 60 cents!!!
    capital repayment+takeover...big accumulation done for years already
    -- profit 1000%

  8. regarding bolermech wouldn't you feel that cbip is a better choice due to cbip's competitive advantage?




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