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Saturday, August 17, 2013

UMW Oil and Gas Corporation Berhad IPO, Westport Malaysia IPO, SKPRES and Mourinho

UMW Oil and Gas Corporation Berhad IPO

Limited info because many details are not out yet. From the information that I have gathered through web, news, prospectus, etc, market capitalisation few billion Ringgit. Malaysia’s biggest IPO of the year so far.  UMW Oil and Gas IPO price is estimated to be around RM3.00.  PE ratio is quite high at this moment. Big company normally will have high PE Ratio. If you compare with world oil and gas companies, then the PE ratio will be very high. But UMW Oil and Gas revenue is mainly from Malaysia, so probably people compare it with local company.

A big part of the IPO proceed is to pay debt. Probably MITI application may have started. Parent company is UMW holdings Bhd.

Another IPO coming up is Westport Malaysia Bhd.


Now on SKP RESources stock.

This is how I had analysed SKPRES stock few weeks ago. Why SKPRES stock got potential to move up from few weeks ago:

1) Many stocks have gone up substantially, but SKPRES has not. Sooner there may be buying interest.

2) Fundamental, the stock is giving high dividend yield, low PE ratio. Good to buy. News on SKPRES shows that TA Securities is recommending a BUY with fair value of RM0.65, compare with SKPRES share price of about RM0.32.

Based on the above, I wanted to buy. It turned out to be true where SKPRES went up to RM0.385 recently, up 20%.

Why I didn’t buy?

Many stocks have gone up substantially, but SKPRES has not. Sooner there may be buying interest. I fully agreed with this. But there are many stocks out there, why SKPRES?

SKPRES stock is giving high dividend yield and low PE ratio, TA Securities also recommending buy. Ok, but past few quarters TA Securities also recommended buy, but the profit dropped. If the profit drop further, then the PE ratio may not be cheap anymore and dividend yield also probably will drop.

For the past few weeks still thinking to buy or not to buy. I have decided not to buy, because I’m not good in trading. Not good in predicting when the stock will up, when to buy, whether now can buy or not. What I’m good at is just buy and hold, and make profit.

No regret.

If another stock in similar situation, I also will not buy. I’ll still stick to long term investment. Maybe just buy little for trading. Maybe.


Now we talk a bit on football. There are many criticisms on Jose Mourinho. Saying he anti-football by not playing attacking football, and said he failed in Real Madrid.

While under Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid achieved the highest points in Spanish League history, 100 points. Most goals scored in a season, 121 goals. A record goals scored, you called that not playing attacking football? Laugh out loud.

We all know that Barcelona team is the best in the world. So not many people can avoid defeat to Barcelona. But look at Mourinho, he won 4, drew 4 and lost 4 to Barcelona during his spell with Real Madrid. Barcelona is really the best, with super Messi and other world class players. Even with different managers, and there were times they were without manager because he was on cancer treatment, Barcelona still won. The players are just too good.

On this third season in Real Madrid, the players were at fault not to listen to instructions and play revolt.

You look at how Maurihno Inter Milan beat Barcelona. His records speak for him.

Just to give some facts for those who simply criticize.

I agree many dislike him, because he is cocky, sore loser because he always give funny excuses whenever he lose, he blame the “park the bus’, the injuries, the referees, the penalties, etc. That I fully agreed. Many hate him, but he is good. I also dislike the way he talk and create trouble, but I can’t deny he has a good track records and talent.

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