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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I have not heard of this insurance plan before?

We normally heard of savings, medical or hospitalisation, education, etc. But after many years, some of the points I have gather the information for myself:

Hospitalisation. If anything happen, insurance will pay. Some people didn't buy. Why? If anything happen, go government hospital. I thought I can agree with that. But recently a friend of mine have a very bad encounter with government hospital. Long que. Wait. Scan and come back weeks later. Furthermore, kidney dialysis need to go private.

A friend of mine got high blood pressure, then the insurance premium shoot up very high. Some insurance will not accept if we already have existing sickness.

Savings Plan. Some don't like savings, because if anything happen, can the savings plan cover? Enough? But now we may want to buy more savings plan, because if anything happen, family have a lump sum of money.

Another friend of mine also, unable to work for 8 months, he said few more months will have no pay.

What is something new to me is Travel Insurance. I know what is it, but now I know how important it is.

Travel insurance. Someone I know just traveled oversea, fell sick and incurred very huge medical bill even in the government hospital because he is a foreigner in that country. He bought insurance, so can cover some of the cost.

If we trapped in the underdeveloped country, going to die because lack of medical support and need airplane to fly us home, you think airplane will fly you home? You need all those life support, and that probably cost few hundred thousand to fly you home. How? Make sure your travel insurance cover that.


  1. Actually, what are you talking about ?

  2. It was too late, didnt manage to write what i wanted.


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