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Saturday, December 13, 2014

IJN Heart Screening RM555

3 packages, RM555, RM999 and RM1499.

Why IJN heart screening medical check up? This is the first time we went for heart check up. No problem, just a normal check up. We were thinking that every year we had normal blood test so this year do a bit different.

ECG, treadmill, blood test, chest X-ray, stress test, etc.

Some of our friends have heart problem before the age of 40. And some also passed away before 40. Here IJN they recommend us to go for check up for male above 30 and female above 35. Also especially those who have job stress, I think stock market is stressful for many people because of the up and down, down and up, down and down, down and down and down and then down.

Those overweight, tire easily, smoke and drink, family history, hypertension, diabetes and stroke are also recommended for heart check up.

12 minutes of Treadmill stress test, can see my heartbeat increased from 65 to 165 per minute. Those old people no need treadmill, take medicine to stimulate the heart.

If you go early, before 7.30am, can end before 11.00am.

IJN contact number 0326006421 and 0326006423

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