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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Recent years transaformations:

Exit Non-Core Business.

First Aero-engine Case in Malaysia. Don't know what is that.

Acquisition of Aero-engine Case Business. Don't know what is that.

Higher Value Equipment Integration. Don't know what is that.

Front End Semicon Equipment. Don't know what is that.

More diversified products that are 100% export.



Aerospace aerospce aerospace.

Got a lot of backlog orders. Millions? Why show Billions while later one year only can achieve RM1 billion? Very confused.

Management projected to cross RM1 billion annual revenue by March 2019

Year end March 2016 was RM620 million.

Current 3 quarters ended Dec 2016 only RM381 million.

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  1. Concern hinges on the RPTs with their holdco in Sg. most tenders are joint bid as well.

  2. Peggy
    Meaning you shall give SAM a miss for now?

  3. Peggy. You are not recommending a buy on this counter?


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