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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stock to buy in 2013

This is probably the last post of the year. Undecided what to post but there is one thing keep replaying in my mine, that is, what stock to buy in 2013.

Currently I don't have any preferred stock to buy. Most stocks lack convincing growth story. Those with good reason to buy, the stock prices have gone up.

This is the same scenario happened to me in early 2012. But not to worry, there will be stocks that come along throughout the year.

Currently still don't know what stock to buy. If still unable to find any, probably will accumulate more from what I'm holding. If you have any good stocks, please share with me, especially stocks with low PE ratio, strong growth for the next few years, very little or no borrowing and good dividend yield.

I don't think the last trading day of the year will make any major impact to my fund performance of the year. From what I estimate, year 2012 I still outperform the KLCI by good margin, although I made few wrong decisions. Hopefully can still outperform KLCI in 2013, especially don't know what stock to buy yet, General Election in first of of the year and US Debt Ceiling meeting in March 2013. Very challenging.

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

P&O, Scientex, Kseng and Boilerm stock news

P&O quarterly financial result is ok. At current share price of RM1.30, PE ratio still low with good P&O dividend yield. Latest P&O news is about the selling part of the insurance business. Kenanga give P&O target price at RM1.60 buy recommendation.

Boilermech quarterly financial result ok. Current share price is RM0.88, and OSK says Boilerm target price is RM0.98 hold recommendation.

Scientex quarterly financial result ok. Fair value is RM3.57 from TA Securities with buy recommendation.

KSeng stock. Once in a while people will play this stock. KSeng net asset per share is very high, if the share price down, soon will go up again. Target price RM6.00 buy by HwangDBS.

More info on Keck Seng here

My left thumb got burn. What happen was I put a metal plate next to the fire. When I take it, it was superb hot. Now still painful.

More info on P&O here.

More info on Boilerm here.

More info on Scientex stock here.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Stock Market similar to direct selling?

Let me explain direct selling or multi level marketing (MLM), then I will explain why stock market is MLM.

We can see many successful MLM agents, earning lot of money and driving big cars. Many also have joined MLM. But I noticed that the percentage of successful agents are very low. Many, really many of my friends have joined MLM and only a few are successful. Most are not successful and quit. They then joined another MLM and quit again.

I'm not saying MLM is bad, MLM can make a lot of money and be our own boss without coming out with huge capital. I'm just saying I noticed it, in reality among my friends, it is not easy.
In stock market, many are successful. They study the trend, texhnical analysis chart, profit margin, cashflow, industries, economy, PE ratio, forecast, the product, the management, the shareholders, have insider news, tips, dividend, etc etc etc.

But we, as a ordinary investors, we lack time, experience, skill and knowledge. I'm not saying that you cannot do it, I'm just saying from what I noticed, many people fail in stock market even they have tried reading and learning the methods. That is why I say stock market is like direct selling (MLM).

The method that I use is very simple. PEGGY Method and Dollar Cost Averaging. Take out some most recent research reports, look at the PE ratio, growth, gearing, and dividend yield.
If I don't know, can just ask remisier few questions as shown in my PEGGY Method articles.
Conclusion. If you are making super profit, continue. I'm unable to make super profit, but above average profit by using simple method.

More information on PEGGY Method, here.

More information on Dollar Cost Averaging, here.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review of PADINI, BONIA, FREIGHT, FITTERS, TGUAN stock analysis

Padini stock financial result below expectation, due to slow start of the new outlets. PE ratio moderate, dividend yield about 4% plus. Current Padini share price RM1.89, Maybank research review analyst gives buy recommendation with RM2.40 target price, AMMB says hold RM1.80.

Bonia financial result, nothing to comment.

Freight Management financial result below expectation. PE ratio and dividend yield still ok.

Target price RM1.13 (RHB Buy), RM1.10 (MERCURY Hold).

FITTERS stock financial result below expectation. HwangDBS gives a fair value of RM1.00, substantial upside from current FITTERS share price of RM0.62. I believe part of the recent sell down may be due to the expiry and conversion of warrants.

TGuan stock financial result normal. PE ratio still low with reasonable dividend.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Who determine or fix stock prices?

Many years ago when I started learning about Bursa Malaysia stock market, there is one question I couldn't find the answer. Who determine or fix the stock prices.

The answer that I got was Buyer and Seller, or Demand and Supply. I know that the more buyer or demand, the stock price will go up. But why Maybank stock for example is RM10.00 (example only), why not RM10.01, why not RM9.50, why not RM9.80. Who fix it at RM10. I still receiving answer Buyer and Seller, Demand and Supply.

Many Buyers bid different prices to buy, many sellers offer different prices to sell, but who fix it at RM10? I asked is it Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange, the answer is the same, Buyer and Seller, Demand and Supply.

But who determine exactly at RM10? I still got no answer.

When Bursa Malaysia stock information was added into my Beriteks, I immediate got the answer. Some people are old enough to know what is Beriteks in our TV.

Who determine or fix stock prices? It is actually the last done price. When people said Maybank currently is RM10.00, it is actually the last done price. Of course how the price match or the matching mechanism is another topic by itself. At least I know that RM10.00 is the last done price.

Lately have been extremely busy in work. May last until mid of next year. Always spend more than half day meeting, left with very little time to do work.



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