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Sunday, August 21, 2016


This week added more EG stocks. This probably will be the last purchase for the time being unless they announce a very good result and the EG share price doesn't move much.

Super expensive Nasi briyani and Yong Tau Foo. Actually is not Yong Tau Foo, is Chee Cheong Fun. Both look the same. As mentioned earlier I bought SCGM stock was due to Nadi Briyani and Chee Cheong Fun. It dropped almost 20% from my purchase price ! The nasi briyani and chee cheong fun are so expensive! Price drop could be some negative news on the cost. Similar stocks also dropped, SLP and ULICORP

MMSV stock result is good, I think is the same LED industry as JHM stock. Hope JHM result also will be good.

Vitrox announced result, normal. They had analysts briefing on Friday, so see whether got any reports or not.

Continue his journey.

4 months ago Newbie sold DRBHCOM, cut loss. But now up 30% from the price he sold. Sometimes these things happen. You didn't buy, it goes up. You bought, it comes down. You sold, it goes up. You didn't take profit, it comes down.

Recently he also sold GUH at RM0.7x and GTRONIC at RM2.8x at huge losses.

These things will happen. But we must look at the bigger picture. His overall portfolio still looking strong, profit. Some of his stocks are performing well recently, example Gadang, MFCB and Mitrajaya. Three stock hit 100% gain, or almost 100%, example Caring, Harbour and TGUAN-WA.

We must remember he is still young and learning. Many people will say lose money in stock market consider paying tuition fee. If individual stock, yes, he lose on some and pay tuition fee. But his overall portfolio is profit, no need to pay tuition fee, and can get pay from stock market.

I have told him try not to keep adding new stocks if could not find good one. Recently he bought new stock LiiHen at RM3.0x, and more Mitra at share price RM1.4x and EG RM0.8x. Added Mitra because announced good result, EG is because the lowest PE ratio in his portfolio and with growth potential.

His Mitra, Harbour, Oldtown and Gadang are making gain, I don't have these stocks. Market is big enough for us to make money from different stocks.

That's all for now.

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Monday, August 15, 2016


This week updates. Added more JHM stock at JHM share price RM1.3x. Didn't buy when it was RM1.2x. Suddenly went over RM1.30, was thinking too late. Then I told myself if i'm willing to buy at RM1.2x, why not at RM1.3x. I'm not thinking to sell at 10% or 20% profit, will try to hold at much higher price.

Again and again!!!. No matter how many years I'm in the stock market, still have the emotion delay the buying when price is weak, chase to buy when the price is high. Many people lose money because of this. But if we invest in fundamental growth stock, we may not lose. We could be also entering at right timing due to momentum or trend. Nothing wrong or right in waiting and chase of fundamental is still there, just that in this case bought was more expensive by RM0.05 to RM0.10.

My first entry pricr was RM0.7x, I think most people would have sold.

Cut a bit of my OCK stock. It did not manage to break the RM0.845. Furthermore, I think I made some wrong decisions. I first bought OCK was very cheap, added more although PE ratio was not low but justified by growth. My cost was RM0.80 but after the bonus and rights, my cost was  RM0.4x. First I have forgotten about the bonus issue, then the OCK stock price went up 30% again after rights issue. I did not check the figures again and bought more. So now I cut a bit.

By the way, now just realised my OCK stock became another stock hitting 100% share price increase. OCK took about 3 years, probably less than 3 years, lazy to check the record.

I also added KESM stock at KESM share price of RM6.7x after recommended by Kenanga.

The first few days was losing, but on Friday the stock jumped up. The first entry was few weeks ago, up 20% already I think. Previously no reasearch report on KESM, but once the Kenanga report is out, it confirmed many things, so bought more.

Too bad did not add Supermax stock at RM2.00, now RM2.30. Still at loss. See how is their result first. Don't want to have another round of shock poor result.

Added EG stocks again. It seems I have been adding for few weeks already. This stock not moving at all. Maybe will move in middle of August? By the way, my actual prediction is the last 7 market days. The reason I put middle of August is to remind myself not to miss it.

I think my Tek Seng stocks can start to make good profit for me already. Tek Seng announced good financial result. See how the market will responds. Previously the price dropped on the first day of good quarterly result. Up or down, will add more Tek Seng on Monday.

My SCGM stock price dropped. Maybe is because of the private placement that will further dilute the earnings. Don't bother because the reason I bought was due to Nasi Briani and Yong Tou Foo as explained in my article one two weeks ago. If it up or drop a bit, will not buy more.

I also added TGUAN loan stock at RM4.2x. Read a lot of good comments, so just add a bit more. Not much confidence, hopefully good result coming. My first entry was years back, super cheap. But I did sold almost all. Maybe due to buying property, couldn't recall. Enter again few months ago, below RM3. Contra gain some also. Switched mother, loan, warrant, contra, sold some bought back. Quite complicated. But to summarise, bought mother very cheap few years ago, sold almost all, started to buy back loan stock few months ago below RM3.

Few months ago due to some changes, I have decided not to record all my transactions. Too time consuming.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Top 7 Investors in the World, 4 are from Malaysia. Warren Buffet No.7

World Top Seven Investors. If you read their track records, excellent job done. I wish my return can come close to these seven top investors in the world. Still have a lot to learn from them.

Number Seven.
Warren Buffett. He made more than USD60 million for the past 50 years. I think that excludes billions that he has donated away. Great investor for so many years.

Number Six.
Although we always hear of Warren Buffet, but he lose to Carl Icahn. He is an American business magnate, investor, activist shareholder, and philanthropist.From 1968 through 2011, Icahn grew his original $100,000 investment in his firm at a 31% annual rate, while Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway had "only" a 20% annual growth rate.

Number 5.
But both of them still lose to George Soros in ONE SINGLE DAY CATEGORY. His September 16, 1992 transaction, when he made a single-day gain of $1 billion dollars.

Number 4
But Soros loses to a Malaysian guy by the name of Mr Dummy who made 107%profit in 2015. Soros only increased from USD23 billion to USD24.9 billion, a mere8%.

Number 3
But Mr Dummy loses to moneySifu who made more than 20% in 2016, while Mr Dummy is making 8.5% lose in 2016.MoneySifu is a Malaysian.

Number 2
But moneySifu loses to a pretty lady called Michelle (not her actual name), a branch manager who I met in an optical shop last weekend. She is a Malaysian too. She made 87% within two months from 1000 units of JHM stock worth RM720 and sold RM1350. Her brother in law suggested her to buy JHM. 

Number 1.
Who is the best? Michelle's brother in law? Her brother in law is only driving an old local car. He is a Malaysian.

The list can go on and on. Therefore:

A)Don't compare and be sad/envy. Compare and see how we can be improved, should be happy. Learn from them.

B)Don’t WORSHIP great investors.

1) Those who made high percentage, maybe invested smaller amount than you, just like Michelle.

2)High percentage may be just selected years. Look at Mr Dummy 107% gain in 2015, negative 8% this year while many are making good profit in 2016. Great investor, but maybe he has no time to look for new stocks or review his stocks and hold on too tight. Have learned a lot from him.

3)For those who made high percentage % and invested a lot, they still lose to Warren Buffett, because Buffett made more money than anyone. But Warren Buffet lose to Carl Icahn. And the winner is Michelle’s brother in law who is driving an old local car. The circle keeps continue until no end.


4)Some make 60% from their spare cash, but you make 17% from your total portfolio. You are better.

5)Some invested almost all their net-worth and made 16%, whereas yours only part of your net-worth and made 17%.


6)Some are from rich family, the first trade is already RM20,000. Whereas some started with RM800.

Great investors have their own weaknesses. Learn from them, but don’t worship them.

When am I rank? The world has 7.4 billion people now, and I’m rank 3,700,000,001. Slightly above average.

Stock Market is a good place to make money. Happy Investing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why I Am Not Sexy?

Why I Am Not Sexy?

Many will feel that I am not sexy. Yes, most of the time I am not sexy. But sometimes I can be sexy.

The stocks that I bought and hold are not sexy. They are mostly slow, not popular and not high in volume. But as long as I can make good profit, I don't need sexy stocks. Many of the stocks that I've bought achieved 100% gain or more.

Take a look at Arsenal football club under Arsene Wenger. No offence to Arsenal fans, just making comparison. Arsenal last won the premier league was in 2004, and now more than 12 years playing so-called sexy football but without any league titile.

Look at Mourinho. Many said he parks the bus and play defensively; look at his league titles. 6 league titles in the same past 12 years. He can be sexy too. His Real Madrid broke the record of highest goals scored in the Spainish league La Liga in 2012. Scored more goals in a season than Messi's Barcelona all the years before.

What is my objective? Trade and contra in sexy stocks not sure can make money or not, or invest in stocks (sexy or not no problem) that generate good profit? My objective is simple, good profit. Good dividend stocks are not sexy because not many people will realise.

Sometimes I am sexy too. 2.5 months ago I contra TGuan with profit as shared in my facebook the same day I bought. I seldom contra, but when opportunity come, I will contra and be sexy. Another reason is also I normally don't share if I am sexy. Those sexy trades are short term and before I have the time to share, I may have sold. If I've retired, maybe I have more time to show my sexiness.

For now, looking for sexy girls, not here. But if those who are looking for non sexy ladies for long term, you may find some info here.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stocks Update- EG, IQgroup, MBSB, SCGM, MFCB and OCK

Stocks Update

EG stock.
Added more EG at share price RM0.8x. Low PE ratio with good growth potential. Quarterly result will be out end of this month, hopefully can have more clue on the growth.

There are many funds holding EA stocks. One of CIMB fund just crossed the 5% holding. I think last November was about 3 million shares if it is the same fund and now 11,108,700 units (5.25%)

IQgroup stock.
Bought IQgroup stock at share price RM2.1x after recommended by Unble Ben. Fundamental not so bad, with some growth potential.

SCGM stock.
Bought this stock, small quantity at SCGM share price of RM3.5x. I saw the buy recommendation from Public Investment Bank on SCGM stock with 12-month SCGM target price of RM4.00.

Public Investment Bank said...
Biodegradable  lunch  box  would  be  the  next  growth  driver.  The  ban  on polystyrene food packaging is  expected to drive the demand for  SCGM’s biodegradable  containers  due  to  its  environmental-friendly  feature.  It  is  a polylactic  acid  (PLA)  food packaging  container,  which is  made from  100% plant-based by  products  such as  barley,  tapioca  and corn.  Unlike  the plastic food container,  which  is  made  from  petroleum  by-products  that  could  take  up to 100 years  to decompose,  its  PLA  food containers  only  needed  6 months to fully  disintegrate.  Though the wholesale price  for  the company’s  popbiodegradable lunchbox  cost  (RM0.12)  is  more  than  30% higher  than polystyrene  container  (RM0.09  each),  it  is  still  relatively  cheaper  compared to alternative packaging  such  as  paper  box  (RM0.50)  or  plastic  container (RM0.40).  Our  channel  checks  showed that the replacement  value  for polystyrene  is  about  RM500m/year.  Currently,  the Group  has  a capacity  of producing  only  144,000  lunch  boxes/  day  or  5.2m  lunch boxes/year. Management  plans  to  increase the  production  capacity  for  lunch  boxes  and is expected to be ready by 2Q.

Price has gone up for the past one two years. High PE ratio and limited upside. Why I buy?

This is because recently we had Raya makan-makan. Someone brought packets of nasi briyani for us. The packaging is different, same like the photo I share here. Immediately I think of SCGM stock. But not interested in buying.

Then the next day, someone tapao yong tau foo for us. Again, the packaging has changed. Look at the photo. Then I beh tahan already. Went in to buy SGCM.

Few days later I went to SGCM website to check, I couldn't find the one I saw in their products. Maybe I didnt search thoroughly.

Whatever it is, no harm holding SCGM stock, with capacity expansion and growth potential, and also recpommended by analyst.

MFCB stock.
This Mega First Corporation Bhd stock moved above RM2.00. Too bad I reduced my holdings few weeks ago. I'm thinking lack of direction after their vietnam (is it Vietnam?) contruction. Anyway, I have some, so just be happy also.

MBSB stock.
With the recent sinking of MBSB share price, bought at RM0.71x. Small quantity. I consider bought at a bit high, because some friends just sold at RM0.69x. Should have bought some from them. Reason of buying because many said price very low already. True also, and I also join in.

OCK stock.
They announced the group's 60 per cent-owned subsidiary, OCK Vietnam Towers Pte Ltd, involves the acquisition of 42.04 million ordinary shares of Southeast Asia Telecommunications Holdings Pte Ltd (SEATH), or its entire equity interest, for US$50 million in cash.

The Proposed Acquisition is not expected to have a material effect on the NA and gearing of the Group based on the latest audited financial statements for the FYE 31 December 2015. However, the Proposed Acquisition is expected to contribute positively to the earnings and NA of OCK Group subsequent to the completion of the Proposed Acquisition, envisaged to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why You Are Not Afraid of Missing RM1.5 million profit

Many people just think of losing. But why not think of missing profit? When you buy, how much you will lose? 10%, 30%, 50%, 100%? But if you miss the boat, miss the profit, how much you miss? 30%, 50%, 100%, 400%? There is no maximum.

Anothing thing is, who say you will lose? I've been making money year after year. What is the secret formula? No secret, it is public known fact. The public known formula is buy good growth shares, keep buying, and dollar cost averaging.

Don't be afraid of lossing. Just think of job interview, you spend your parking fee, petrol, photo and time, not necessary they will hire you. Why you go for job interview?

Because job interview the loss is limited but the gain is much more. Same for stock market. Loss is limited but gain is unlimited.

Have no patience in stock market. Why send children for study while they only start working 17 years later? We have so much patience.

When you think of afraid of losing, think of afraid of missing profit too. Many could had missed out RM100k profit. For those older with high pay, maybe RM2 million, RM5 million?

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

FIBON, Liihen, Tek Seng, KESM, OCK, Vitrox

Quick update.

Bought Fibon stock recently at share price RM0.555 or RM0.55 couldn't remember. It announced a good result. PE ratio about 11 or 12 times. But cash is half of the share price. Take out all the cash, the PE ratio is 6 times only. But if adjust for loss in bank interest earned, maybe is 7.

Dividend normal.

Few years ago bought Imaspro due to huge cash, sold after 5 years at about 100% gain. Not impressive because Imaspro's profits were up and down. Compounded about 15% return a year, add dividend is about 20%. Not bad also.

Now bought Fibon because Uncle Lim said is good got growth potential. Since the balance sheet and result are okay, went in immediately. Hopefully will perform better than Imaspro, no need to wait 5 years to achieve 100% gain plus dividend.

Few weeks ago also bought KESM after recommended by Uncle Ben. I think currently gain about 15% now.

For core stocks, added more JHM, EG and Vitrox. OCK waiting for it to break RM0.845 and then will buy more and sell part of it for short term and the balance hold.

I saw OCK and Vitrox have some positive news in Focus Malaysia news.

Few months ago I also tried this Tek Seng on their potential solar expansion. Later see how.

Newbie bought Liihen stock at share price RM3.0x. I have told him no need to keep adding new stock, can add an existing stocks. Maybe he forgot or didn't know what I was talking or maybe he feel adding new is better. So let it be.

He said he doesn't want to sell Gtronic stock although losing a lot. See first.

His Gadang shares loses steam. Announced good result, jumped up, but few days later dropped.

That's all for today.

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