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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yong Tai

Target price by Maybank RM1.75
Target price by Public Bank RM2.25

YongTai-PA RM1.03

Thursday, January 25, 2018

TGuan 今明年增生产线振营收通源探进中国拓展非洲







Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Oriental Food

OFI, Kenanga recommended BUY with fair value of RM1.70 on 8th Nov 2017 and price was RM1.45.
Now the price RM1.31, with 30% upside, rebounded from RM1.24, up RM0.07 today.

Oriental Food Industries Holdings.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

KUB- Please don't drop to RM0.35

Some may wondering why KUB share price dropped, I tried to read some news and comments, no specific reason. But many said it could be due to the take over price of RM0.35 as compared with KUB share price now of RM0.52. Many may come into conclusion that KUB is only worth RM0.35.

KUB share price RM0.52
Spotted in my telegram RM0.595.
Alamak, this one dropped teruk.

One must look at when this RM0.35 was fixed. It was a call option provided two years ago. Of course they could had fixed the price at a forward looking method but this is between the buyer and the seller. Why and how they fix the price or why sell, is between them. How much KUB worth is determined by its fundamental and the growth prospect.

TTM PE ratio of 11.9x is not too expensive. Profit has been growing gradually for the past few quarters. For growth, refer below.

Cincincaicai analyse because time to sleep.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tong Herr more than 40% upside by RHB

Why Tongher?

I don't really like bull run. During good bull run, most stocks also up. Tom's stocks also up, Dick and Harry's stocks also up. Ah Zhiu and Ah Kow's stocks also up. The prices sometimes run ahead of fundamental and very tempting to drop these stocks.

Looking for other stocks also harder because most stocks already expensive.

I like sideway market, if we selected undervalued growth stocks, sooner or later the prices will up, and there are still many not up yet and waiting for us.

If after market up and we say we stopped a while and wait for market to come down a bit, people will accuse us of timing the market. You know, we preached "don't time the market", and if we time, we are hypocrite.

Okay, for those who must buy or must hold some stocks, let us look at Tongher.

Back to the questions, why Tongher?

Many stocks now are trading at PE ratio of 15 times or 20 times.

Tongher share price RM3.66

Spotted in my telegram RM3.50

Tongher PE ratio TTM 12 months 11.7x

PE ratio of 11.7x is not too expensive. As per RHB research, the PE ratio will drop to 9.1x. High growth for 2017 as we already saw it in 1st quarter result that exceeded RHB forecast.

Dividend yield 8.2% for 2017. But analyst said 5.4% should be the norm, explain later.

Target price of RM4.86 is 32.7% upside from current stock price and if add in the dividend yield of 8.2%, the total upside potential is 40.9%.

High dividend yield. Paying RM0.30 this year giving a yield 8.2% but RHB analyst said RM0.20 should likely be more sustainable, yield of 5.4%. Whichever the amount, is still consider high, and RHB said in the report they also not very sure.

New initiate coverage by RHB just few days ago.

The result that just announced on Thursday exceeded RHB forecast. Although the result exceeded expectation, the price didn't go up, probably waiting for us to load up.

Below are extracted from RHB research....
Strong balance sheet with growing cash pile. Tong Herr’s net cash rose to MYR86.7m in 1Q17 from MYR44.8m in 4Q16.

(Tong Herr) has three main subsidiaries in Malaysia and Thailand. They are involved in the manufacturing and selling of stainless steel fasteners such as bolt, screws, nuts, stud bolts and threaded rods, as well as aluminium.

Acquisition of an approximately 49.99% equity interest in THFT is likely to contribute positively. Post-acquisition, the group owns approximately 100% equity interest of Tong Heer Fasteners (Thailand) Co Ltd (THFT). This would allow it to facilitate future plans on business expansion, enhancing cost efficiencies and human resource development. 
Note..... (More % also means more share of profit or get all the profit. Sorry I'm very lazy to check when this was completed, how much is the impact, whether it has been reflected in the past quarterly result(s), just follow analyst's recommendation)

Tong Herr completed the disposal of its 35.33% equity interest in Fuco International Ltd (Fuco) thereby relinquishing a loss-making business entity and realising its investment.
Note: (again, I didn't check when, $ impact, already reflected or not, etc). I always just cincin caicai analyse only.

Conclusion: Analyst said good.

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