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Monday, March 27, 2017

Hahahaha prices are shooting to the sky !!

Again and again, many stocks in the analysis list the prices went up to the sky. This is for stocks in the analysis.

MFCB-WA 100%
JHM 300%
KESM 100%
OCK 100%

Superlon also 36%
TGuan also 43%
IQgroup 57%

How about losses? Why keep quiet? Because keep searching, not easy to find. Also lazy to check how many percent.
Supermax 40%???
DKSH <10%
Tek Seng 15%.
Don't force me to look for big losses because not easy to find.

How about those small loses? You know what is lala shellfish? You take a few to fry, also not enough to fill up one tablespoon.

I also got "how about".
How about AWC up 150%. This is not counted because did not really post this. Bison 50%?
MBSB 60%.

Some may say market up only stocks in the analysis up. Yayayayayayaya. Off course. Market quiet up a bit, market hot up a lot, this is very normal. Market down follow down. Very normal.

Don't forget all these have gone through the fire test of Bursa market sharp drop due to Brexit, Trump, 1MDB, Ringgit, Rating agency, oil plunge, CPO plunge, etc.

Market down, follow.
Market quiet, up.
Market up a bit, up up.
Market up up? Up up up up.

Lucky and cannot be repeated? Ya, cannot. Because it will be different stocks LOL. The above are recent, below are past. So, can consider the result repeated year after year?

Huayang 400%. Freight 300%. Evergreen 200%. TSH 100%. Genting Singapore 200%. Adventa 100%. QL 100%. Bonia 100%. P&O 100%. Scientx 100%. Boilermech100%. Zhulian 100%.

Before got time to post, Ekovest-wa 100% up. This is not counted.

Oh, how can I forget Imaspro 100%. This one counted.

Jokes over. Now serious.

Actually very easy to make huge gain from Bursa market. Find potential good future growth stock, and don't forget to keep taking action, PE ratio and dividend yield also help. But but but, but but don't forget to wait ya. Some need 2 months, one year, 2 years or 3 years, or 6 months, or 1 week, etc.

People like me, simply analyse also can find. The difference is, some make it complicated. Some didn't take action.

Multi level marketing, or my grand parents called it direct selling, many tried so hard also not successful. Many think, plan, have meeting, attend motivational talk, approach prospect or potential downline, sell products, consume products, marketing plan, etc.

Stock market, think so hard no result. Try some actions, got result. Too bad, for those who are losing or not making much money, I cannot hold your hands. Get advice from your financial consultant.

By the way, I have a method, I have a peggy, uh! Peggy Method. I have a book, I have a face. Uh! Facebook. Peggy Method Facebook. You can Like my facebook to follow my posts.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why is He still Not a Millionaire after 18 years

Many are already considered successful investors, but nobody is interested because they don't have the millions or billions.

For example a guy making average 20% gain a year for the past 18 years, grown initial capital from RM30k to RM800k. That RM30k was his hard earned savings. After 28 years only RM3.4million, and that is also with the assumption that he reinvest every single cent and cannot spend every single cent.

I think his STOCK MARKET investment skill is very useful to me because he just buy and sell without have to spend months analysing a single stock and invested in Malaysia market too. I learn from him better than learning from Warren Buffett in regards to STOCK MARKET.

But many prefer to learn from Warren Buffett and Uncle K on STOCK MARKET because of their millions and billions.

Points to ponder:

Both Warren and Uncle K made their crucial initial capital from OUTSIDE the stock market.

Warren Buffett's father, Howard Buffett, owned a small brokerage. His family was already very rich.

Buffett became a millionaire because of his partnerships, which in January 1962 had an excess of $7,178,500, of which over $1,025,000 belonged to Buffett. He already had USD8.8 million in today's value at very young age.

Uncle K was the founder of few large and famous contruction firmzs.

Off course some can be very rich within short period of time in stock market, example insider trading, high risk taking, being there at the right time, etc. Some invested in call warrant or penny warrant can make 300% or 1000% within short period of time. But can also lose everything.

Generally pure stock market with moderate risk normally will not make us very rich in the short term.

1)Important thing is the Capital. How to get more capital? Work hard and work smart in your career. Business. Property 90% loan leverage for young adult, etc.

2)Dont just learn from The Great, open up yourself. As long as their method is suitable for us, we can learn from them. Because all these growing investors are very much same situation with same of us, limited capital, investing in Malaysia, reading the same newspapers or website, etc. Manchester United Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourimho were not a great player, but they were and are great managers.

A lot of people thought stock market is for quick money. Yes, it is, but don't forget the capital. Stock market is much better than FD.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Century Logistics Holdings Bhd

Friday, 9 September 2016
CJ is largest shareholder of Century
The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Century Logistics Holdings Bhd will see South Korea-based CJ Korea Express Asia Pte Ltd emerging as its single largest shareholder after it bought a 31.44% stake in the former.
There will be a change in Century Logistics' majority shareholder when founder Datuk Phua Sin Mo and shareholders Datin Lee Lay Hun, Pamela Phua Jo Lyn and Chai Mee Young entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with CJ to dispose of their combined 31.44% stake amounting to 120.5 million shares for RM1.45 per share.

This confirmed a StarBiz report yesterday of the stake sale by Century Logistics main shareholders.
CJ vice-president for the strategy planning division, Ahn Jaeho, said that Century Logistics would be able to leverage on CJ's strengths including its technology systems and solutions.

"We can also leverage on Century Logistics' strong local customer base. We are now operating a parcel delivery service but it is still in its infancy.
"As we see e-commerce growing, we would like to focus on parcel delivery," Jaeho said after the signing ceremony.
"We would like to strengthen and expand the parcel delivery service to become a major player in Malaysia," he added.

In a statement, CJ said it would introduce its advanced technology, engineering, system and solution and know-how to Century Logistics to enable it to expand into the e-commerce and parcel delivery segments.

"The integration of CJ's Asean network with Century Logistics' network in Malaysia will complete the first step in CJ's aspiration to be come the regional logistics leader," it said.

CJ also planned to leverage on the facilities and infrastructure of Century Logistics in its core regions such as the Klang Valley and Johor, as well as the freight forwarding activities in the main ports to remain competitive.

"CJ and Century Logistics shall integrate their logistics and administrative activities, resulting in a larger network and more cost-efficient operation. CJ and Century Logistics are expected to benefit through the sharing of key logistics hubs and networks, cross-selling and new business opportunities," it said.

CJ is a unit of public-listed CJ Korea Express Corp, which is the biggest logistics provider in South Korea.
CJ Korea Express has a market capitalisation of US$4.1bil and a revenue of US$4.6bil for its financial year ended Dec 31, 2015.

Century Logistics' stock closed 7.5 sen lower on active trading yesterday to 96.5 sen after CJ failed to extend the offer to minority shareholders. The premium at which CJ acquired the stake was 40.5% above yesterday's closing price of RM1.03.

PULSE by Maeil Business News Korea
CJ Korea Express signs overseas delivery contract with Lazada
2016.09.20 16:35:52 | 2016.09.20 16:36:30

CJ Korea Express Corp., South Korea's largest parcel delivery service company, said Tuesday that it inked an international delivery service contract with Southeast Asian online retailer Lazada Group SA, which operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Under the deal, CJ Korea Express would be in charge of delivery of goods made in Korea that customers buy in the regional markets via Lazada's website. Those customers are estimated to reach more than 560 million. Before the deal, the Korean courier service company delivered parcels -as many as 700,000 boxes - to Lazada's customers in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia from China in the first half of this year. It saw high growth potential in Southeast Asia during the business, the company said. 

High popularity of Hallyu, or Korean wave, and K-Pop music has contributed to a surge in sales of Korean products overseas. The outlook is even brighter as more Korean manufacturers are ready to jump on the bandwagon. 

CJ Korea Express plans to meet customer satisfaction with its state-of-the-art logistics operation based on technology, engineering and system and solution (TES). 

CEO Park Geun-tae said that the firm will help Korean customers and economy by bridging the gap between Korean manufacturers and overseas consumers. 

CJ Korea Express early this month bought a controlling stake in the largest logistics firm in Malaysia to expand its presence in Southeast Asia. The firm aims to become one of the global top five logistics firms by 2020, Park said. He added revenue would quadruple to 27 trillion won ($24.9 billion) by then through additional business acquisition deals.
By Park Eun-jin

Monday, March 20, 2017

Will JAKS excitement spillover to Gunung?

Recently a lot of news on the trading of JAKS about the power plant, wondering whether will spill over to Gunung or not.

Copied from Gunung.
In the longer term, we are excited by the successful implementation of the mini-hydro Projects in Perak, which will contribute to Gunung’s long term revenue and earnings, and enhance Gunung’s growth potential. The long term stable income stream derived from the mini-hydro Projects will reduce Gunung’s dependency incomes solely from chartering landbased transportation assets & specialty vehicles. Under the hydropower division, the first small-hydro plant, with an installed capacity of 14MW, is 90% complete and expected to be commissioned in March 2017, followed by another three (3) small hydro plants to be commissioned in FY2017/2018

Gunung Hydropower Sdn Bhd, a 70% subsidiary of Gunung Capital is in the business of building and operating mini-hydro power plants. The renewable energy sector has become more commercially viable due to the Renewable Energy Act 2011. Driven by the prospect of stable and continuous income stream for a period of 21 years, Gunung Hydropower has entered into a JV agreement with Perak Hydro Renewable Energy Corp Sdn Bhd (PHREC) in 2012 to develop two mini hydro power plants, with 20MW combined installed capacity, in Perak. In 2013, Gunung Capital decided to acquire 85% stake in Pusaka Hijau Sdn Bhd, which in turn owns 60% of PHREC, in order to strengthen its presence in the mini-hydro power generation industry. PHREC is given the mandate to act as the master developer for all mini-hydro projects in Perak, a total of 25 sites with and estimated combined installed capacity of 176MW.


Gunung Land Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gunung Capital dealing in the property development and asset management services. In August 2013, the Gunung Land signed an MOU with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) for the purpose of collaboration for the development of Islamic City, a mixed development project which will consist of an islamic center, a medical center, serviced apartments, a convention center, a hotel,  a shopping mall and food courts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Recent years transaformations:

Exit Non-Core Business.

First Aero-engine Case in Malaysia. Don't know what is that.

Acquisition of Aero-engine Case Business. Don't know what is that.

Higher Value Equipment Integration. Don't know what is that.

Front End Semicon Equipment. Don't know what is that.

More diversified products that are 100% export.



Aerospace aerospce aerospace.

Got a lot of backlog orders. Millions? Why show Billions while later one year only can achieve RM1 billion? Very confused.

Management projected to cross RM1 billion annual revenue by March 2019

Year end March 2016 was RM620 million.

Current 3 quarters ended Dec 2016 only RM381 million.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

How to Find Stocks to Buy and Grow Our Money

In share trading, I rely a lot on analysts and bloggers who are kind to share.

1)Self research
2)Analyst Reports

Some are from my own analysis from news and company's annoucement. Eg Boilerm 200% gain, MFCB-WA 100% and still counting where analyst recommended MFCB but I analysed the warrant. TSH more than 100%. JHM after sifu sold, but I hold on because of the analysis that I have done. etc etc etc. etc etc etc etc and many more. Off course, some went into Holland (performed badly).

2)Analyst Reports
Huayang 300%, Freight 200%, Evergreen 200%, etc ect etc etc etc. etc etc many more. Thanks to all analysts. Again, some also went to Holland.

3)Blogger Sifu
First of all, thanks Sifu Icon. He bought JHM at RM0.46 and sold at RM1.28 after 8 months, for big gain of 180%!!

I put into the list at RM0.7x and now is RM2.0x, up 185%. 5% better than sifu.

I have been learning from sifu and started with JHM at RM0.7x because sifu said few words...... "he sold and bought back (due to strong fundamental from the latest financial result). Price already went up more than 50% from sifu cost but it is all about future. Lesson, history = history. Shares trading is about future.

Still got a lot to learn from sifu.
Based on the chart, I think he took 7.5 months. Mine is 8.5 months. Off course sifu is better.
His cost is much lower.
The reason i started JHM also because of his sharing.

But I did better than sifu on only one thing. Sifu sold too early at RM1.28, but I still let JHM in the list because of the potential. Now up more than 60% from RM1.28. He bought into few stocks that performed very much lower than the 60% gain, eg Affin, CIMB, SUPERMAX, etc. If he hold on to JHM like me, he would have made much more.

I guess he is satisfied with the gain he made because price went up too much. I think he made a mistake on looking at "historical price" more than looking at the future.

Sifu is sifu, no way to compete with him. Just like in a car racing, sifu already few laps in front, but only a small mistake he made where I can beat him in the one lap. Just one lap. There are few hundred laps.

Also thank him for Tguan 40% up and Opensys 30%. The Holland stocks are Supermax and DKSL. EG is hanging.

Thank sifu Dummy for AWC 170%, Johotin and Hevea. The Holland stock is COMPLET share.

Sifu dummy is very good in analysis. 2016 everyone made very good profit but he made losses. I think because he didn't do portfolio review. He keep holding unto many stocks that already went up and lack growth. If he have the heart to chop most of his stocks every year that lack growth, his return will be superb.

Thanks sifu Uncle Ben for KESM 90% up and IQGroup 40%.

Thanks Paperplane sifu in giving confidence in KESM.

And many sifu who I didn't have the chance to thank here.

In conclusion, there are many ways to look for stocks to buy. I will not be as good or even near the skill of the analysts and many sifu in terms of analysis, but we must know the basic fundamentals, which are cheap PE ratio and high growth.

If we follow analysts and sifu on all the stocks that we see, we will be buying few hundred stocks.

Sometimes we may dispute with them also, example in the case of JHM sifu sold but I still keep in the list. I ignore analyst recommendation when few of them recommend Bursa shares at RM15.

We can also do our own analysis on stocks that are not covered by analysts or bloggers.

In short, this will be my behaviour if I am new....
1) Follow.
I observe their track records and follow the one with better records. Because I don't know anything.

I have some basic knowledge. Filter all recommendations and sharings by selecting stocks with better figures.

3)Analyse stocks from others.
From all the recommendations or sharings, analyse their figures. May dispute with them. Make own conclusions and decisions.

4)Analyse on own stocks. Look for stocks from everywhere and analyse them in order to come out with some gems to buy.

5)In-depth analysis
Analyse the stocks. Attend AGM. Meet up with management. Hire professional to assist. Study the industry and economy. Buy a big block of the company. May hire a director to be in the Board.

I think I'm in Level 3, trying to be in the basic of Level 4.

Stock market investment is easy. Don't let some potential losses to stop us. Gains are much much more and more than losses.

Happy Investing.

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