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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do YOU agree with ME?

Look at the following and see whether you agree with me.

I always hear people say don't convert the currency. For example, they say in Singapore the cost of living is very cheap, eg food, chicken rice only S$3.00, but in Malaysia is RM5.00. 5 is more than 3, so they say Malaysia is more expensive than Singapore. But I say if I convert S$3.00 X 2.5 will be RM7.50, more expensive than RM5. However, they always disagree with me, asking me not to convert. Keep saying $3 is cheaper $5 and they like to make the statement "you work there you spend there".

I can't accept this. I told them if UK selling at £2 (RM10), and Indonesia selling at 7000 Rupiah (RM2.24), meaning UK cost of living is lowest and Indonesia cost of living the highest? Cannot be right? But they still refuse to listen, keep saying you work there you spend there. Actually more 20 friends, relatives or family member always saying that. No one is on my side.

For me, we need to convert, but also need to compare with income. For example 12 years ago my friend with a degree started working,  got offer from Singapore with S$1,500 pay and his Malaysia job offer him with RM2000, doing similar job. Assuming now starting pay S$2000 , and Malaysia is RM2700, I don't know the figure, just assuming. Chicken rice S$3.00 is 0.15% of S$2000. In Malaysia RM5.00 is 0.185% of RM2700. A better way is to use Per Capital Income.

Then if you tell me Singapore cost of living is lower because chicken rice only cost 0.15% of salary but cost 0.185% in Malaysia, I will accept.





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