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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Durex Special Condom for Pre Mature Ejaculation

Every time we meet with this remisier friend, he always talks about three things: i)asking us to buy very big TV, ii)Viagra; and iii)said those with pre mature ejaculation can try using Durex special condom.

I’ll explain to you what he said and then I will relate it to stock market.

i)Buy very Big TV
He suggested us to buy very big TV, because most of our entertainment at home is on TV. Every day we watch Astro, news, DVD, all on TV. Besides sleeping, the whole family spend a lot of time on TV, regardless of age, small kid watch cartoon, grandparents also watch TV, men normally like watching sports, etc. Due to the above reasons, he said TV is a very good investment, use it every day and can last for few years.

He told us Viagra good. Not just good for those with erection problem, but also for those who cannot sustain erection during love making. Actually Viagra is a popular brand and most people know about it.

iii)Durex special condom for pre mature ejaculation
He told us for those with pre mature ejaculation, can try Durex special condom, called Performax, Performa, Pleasure Max, Performax Intense. Don’t know why he said got different name. Inside the condom there is something to numb the penis head and delay ejaculation. He said very effective, delay ejaculation without feeling the numb and without losing the sensation feel. What is inside the condom is similar to what the dental use inside the mouth to numb our gum during dental treatment. So if it is safe inside our month, then is safe on men’s penis. He said it is not available in Malaysia, but can be bought in Singapore or can buy via online.


I relate what he said to stock market.
i)Buy Big TV
This is similar to invest big in stock market, because just like the TV, it is a good investment and we should look at long term, buy and invest big and keep for few years.

When we buy stock, many times the stock does not move up, this is because the stock lack of Viagra, or in stock market we called it catalyst. Catalyst is something (can be news, buying interest, project, speculation, rumour, etc) that push up the stock price. I wanted to write a topic on catalyst, but I myself still have not really been able to identify stock with catalyst or Viagra.

iii) Durex special condom Performax
After making 10% or 20% gain from a stock, many people will sell it. Normally sell it too early, so we called it pre mature ejaculation. Now no, hope people will keep and make 100% or 200% or more. When we invest in stock market, we need to wear Durex Performax, and not to sell too early. Continue and enjoy the price increase and dividend. Note: A reader told me in Malaysia there is a pill called Priligy, may help. No details on that.


In my blog, I always relate our daily lives with stock market, eg Kung Fu vs Stock Market, 4D vs Stock Market, apply BCG Growth Matrix in stock market, apply 6 thinking hats in stock market etc.

Hope you enjoy reading and benefit too.

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