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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sell Your Mother, Sell Your Car and Sell Your House. It Is Time To Sai Lang on MFCB-WA

Don’t misinterpret, sell your mother means for those who have MFCB mother shares, may work out computation on the potential upside vs risk on the mother share vs the MFCB-WA warrant and see whether MFCB’s son the warrant has better return than the mother or not.

It is not literally sell our mothers. We all know we love our mothers.

Sell Your Car and Sell Your House, I copy these phrase from ICON. All these words are a way to say go big into it. It is not literally to sell our cars and sell our houses. Just like the famous phrase “durian drop, sarong up”. It doesn’t mean we sell our sarong to buy durian, it is a way of saying durian is extremely nice to eat.

For more info, please refer to my previous 3 articles on MFCB-WA.

By the way, the above is not a recommendation. Always seek professional advice on shares trading. The above is something to lighten up after two weeks of boring market where the Dow Jones index dropped for don’t know how many consecutive days.

Have a nice week ahead.
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