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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MFCB Warrant Upside Potential table

Update from my previous post. How to read the table.

RM2.23 is MFCB current share price and warrant is RM0.675.

If MFCB up 35% to RM3.00 and the warrant trade at 20% premium, then MFCB-WA will be RM1.40, 107% upside potential.

You can ignore those in blue as I don’t think that can be achieved. Because the higher the share price and warrant price, the lower the premium.

MFCB medium target price is RM3.16 given by Public Investment Bank research analyst.
If MFCB up 42% to RM3.16 and the warrant trade at 20% premium, then MFCB-WA will be RM1.60, 137% upside potential.

MFCB long term fair value is RM4.43 given by Public Investment Bank research analyst.
If MFCB up 99% to RM4.43 and the warrant trade at 0% premium, then MFCB-WA will be RM2.23, 230% upside potential.

For those who have lack of long term faith, MFCB at RM3.16 does not look super difficult. Upside potential for warrant will be 137%.

As usual, 100% loss. Max.

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