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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Please join my Telegram, don't want you to miss out!!!!!

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Pokemon/ Angry Bird = Games. 
Telegram = Investment = Money

Why? Because I only share good news. Few stocks mentioned in my telegram during the day move up nicely, eg Sendai more than 20%, Krono 20%, Ocncash 10%, etc within few days or 1 to 2 week and some within contra period.

Of course some dropped a bit, but some also up a bit. In good market maybe 30% will drop a bit, 30% up a bit, 20% unchange, and 20% up a lot.

Why nothing will drop a lot? Because I only share good news and during good market sentiment within short period of time, these stocks probably will not suddenly drop a lot. Unless there is a small war, then almost all stocks also will drop.

If I find a good stock for long term, it normally take me few weeks to post in my blog or facebook. I use my free time to read, less time posting . I try my very best not to make mistake in figures and gather more info, so will take longer time. Sometimes I also wait for quarterly result to confirm or wait nearer to their profit confirmation. 

But once I spotted, the stocks sometimes move up very fast. Ekovest warrant 100%, Dnex 50%, Jaks 50%. Example Notion, the price I posted in blog/facebook was already 25% higher, same for OCNCASH 50% higher. Oldtown was RM2.20 now RM2.68.

VS price was RM1.60 recommended by a stranger during CNY open house. He specifically mentioned warrant, now up 50% already. Every week went up slightly I also no mood to post already.

Very demotivated to post if the share price has gone up a lot after I spotted unless it has easy content (easy for me to write) and still have potential.

Off course some stock prices dropped or didn't go up before I post in FB.

Ajiya unchanged.
Rexit dropped
Spritzer unchanged
JFTech dropped.
Texchem up a bit.

Now what I'm going to do? If I found any good news, I will immediately post in Telegram. Then I will take my own sweet time to post in FB.

But be careful !!!!!  Those in telegram can be short term or long term. But those that appear in my FB are those that can sleep well, no need to check the price every 5 minutes or even every week.

Remember this:

# I share only good news. Good news = good money.

#Don't mute me because I don't flood or spam you. Average one day 2 times (1 time could have 3 pictures but  still 1 time because you only need to see open 1 time). Some days zero.

# I check before I share, I don't simply share. TMCLIFE announced very good result but I didn't share because PE ratio already super high 70x. Yes, during the day the stock didn't move up.

# I don't pump and dump. My older readers will know my analysis are for good sharing purpose.

# Is not how good am I. Is because all these are good news. Nothing to do with me.

# Some remisiers, pdt, ivt, ET, Mr T or whatever T may be looking for idea or info for their day trade or contra.

# Some readers of my blog or facebook may miss my post or late because facebook only show us random posts.

Join now.

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