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Friday, April 14, 2017

Why Peggy Should be nominated for mini Nobel Prize in Bursa Malaysia

Peggy wanted to know why pump and dump counters went up but many people still lose money in the long run and overall still lose. In order to understand, Peggy went to experience it.

After her experience by following tips by fomous bloggers, she found some major points.

Each individual has different behaviour so there will be different timing, cut loss, capital, risk, fear, etc. Therefore, many points are hard to discuss. Below are just some major points.

Confuse Short or Long Term.

Why people rush to buy immediately after seeing an article published by pump and dump operator?
Answer is fast money. This = short term.
When the price doesn't move up for them to make the desire profit, they hold, because the article is on long term. Oh oh. People are confused here. When people are confused, normally they lose money. If they want long term, there are plenty of long term stocks, why rush to buy this. Don't be confused. Furthermore, most of these articles just showing good points to attract people and not sure whether are good for long term.

Another point is.... Price already up one or few days earlier.

People will say don't worry if the price already up if we invest for long term and the future is more important than the past. But these people want fast money, they tend to lose out because as the name called, pump and dump, the price already pumped up, and when many people rush to buy, pump up again, and in the end the buying price is very very high. Inflated price. Pumped up price. Premium price, or whatever name. Big disadvatage here for short term people. If some say don't worry if price already up, buy for future, you see, again people are confused with fast money and long term.

Another point.... Percentage Gain.

The percentage gain make from so called tips are much lower. Imaging if we buy a long term stock, recommended by some genuine analysts or bloggers, at RM1.00, the share price continue to go up, until it reaches RM2.00, first we have plenty of time to buy around RM1.00, or RM1.05 if a bit late or too early. Then sell at RM2.10, RM1.80 or RM1.90, plenty of time if we feel that the price has exceeded the potential. Still have time to eat a pao and have some coffee to ponder whether to sell. Or even go to Australia for a week, plenty of time to think. Easily can make 20% 30% 50% 100% or more.

But if we buy based on the tips, we have to rush to buy. Sell? WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN TO SELL. If we use our normally sell decision making process, hold as long as got potential, then we are not for fast money. See you, we are confused again. If we want to sell fast to make fast money, when to sell?

Buy RM0.30, up until RM0.32, sell? RM0.34, sell? Drop back to RM0.28, sell? RM0.50, sell?

If we hold, are we trading long term? If we sell at RM0.34, more than 10% return, the stock goes up to RM0.50, we feel that the blogger is very good, next time hold longer. We always use the highest price to judge a blogger. Wow, recommeded at RM0.30, went up as high as RM0.50. But who can sell at RM0.50? Who know RM0.50 will be the highest.

Because of these difficulties, sometimes make profit, sometimes lose, people tend to invest smaller amount. Smaller amount can't really make much. Those who have made big gain, invest big again and incur big loss. Ended up nothing.

Why must we invest in smaller amount when follow tips? If sometimes gain, sometimes lose, net still having good gain, why must we invest in smaller amount? Because deep in our heart we know this kind of investment following tips are risky, end of the day we may lose.

From the experience, it seems not so easy to make fast money following tips share by bloggers.

Price already up (pumped up), volumn few days ago already up maybe someone waiting to sell , confuse whether short or long term, investment amount whether go big or small also we are not sure, not sure when to sell. % gain also low, don't know how to sell at highest because never know. We judge people by comparing the highest price with the recommended price. All these cause making money from tips very difficult.

However, if those who are making good money after many rounds of following tips, share with us how.

Those who sometimes make, sometimes lose, make 5%, lose 20%, confuse, gain from RM5k capital but lose when invested RM10k, quickly re-examine.

I know for sure some will make very hugh gain.

Recommeded stock A. Up a bit then down a bit. So some people make a bit some lose a bit.

Recommeded stock B. Up a bit then drop a lot. So some make a bit some lose a bit some lose a lot. Different people buying and selling at different price.
Recommened stock C. Up a lot. Some sold early make a bit. Some hold and make huge gain.

Out of so many people follow, some really make a lot. But only a few. Can we be so fortunate among the few?


Two Australian scientists, Robin Warren and Barry Marshall were awarded Nobel prize for physiology and medicine for their "unexpected" discovery that has saved millions of people from the pain of stomach ulcers.

Dr Barry Marshall succeeded in cultivating the bacterium, which became known as helicobacter pylori. To emphasise their point, in 1985, Dr Marshall deliberately infected himself with the helicobacter pylori bacterium to prove it caused acute gastric illness.


To show erection not just emotion, but can be physical, in 1983 Sir Giles Skey Brindley [Brindley had] injected himself with papaverine in his hotel room before coming to give the lecture, and deliberately wore loose clothes (hence the track-suit) to make it possible to exhibit the results. He stepped around the podium, and pulled his loose pants tight up around his genitalia in an attempt to demonstrate his erection.


From 2016 to 2017, Peggy went to real experiment in order to find out why majority of people keep losing money following famous bloggers.

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